SwiftOpen – Fast Launcher BETA [v0.9.1.3] for Android

SwiftOpen – Fast Launcher About:

SwiftOpen is a launcher (not a home launcher) that allows you to launch apps, shortcuts, contacts, calls… very, very fast.
Not only is it fast at launching whatever you want, but its interface also allows you to choose it quickly, without even looking at the phone. And this applies to as many shortcuts as you wish.
It is also lightweight and battery friendly!

SwiftOpen - Fast Launcher

I can provide native translations for Spanish and Catalan. If anyone wanted to contribute translating the app to any other language it would be very helpful. If so, please pm me or send me an email. Thanks!

SwiftOpen - Fast Launcher
SwiftOpen – Fast Launcher Features:

  • Very fast launching
  • App launching
  • System toggles such as torch, wifi, autorotate…
  • Did I say fast?
  • Shortcut launching
  • Recent apps and calls
  • Guided setup
  • Folders that allow even more shortcuts
  • Multiple detectors
  • Multiple actions per detector
  • Custom icons for folders
  • Icon pack support
  • Alt-tab to switch to the previous app
  • Tablet (and phablet) mode
  • Intuitive settings
  • Battery friendly
  • Plenty of customization

I have already incorporated many features suggested by xda members. Any suggestion is welcome, and if I have time and I find it appropriate, I’ll add it!

Since v0.8.3 SwiftOpen launches apps in their previous state instead of restarting. Some apps behave different than expected, and need to be treated in a different manner so that they are resumed instead of restarted (like Whatsapp and gReader). I have a white list of these apps, so if you find an app that is restarted tell me and I’ll try to verify that they’ll be resumed if treated differently, to add them to the whitelist.

The app does not work on some Huawei phones because of the rom -apps with floating windows don’t work there. At least with those that I’ve tested. If someone has a Huawei phone with stock rom and it works, please tell me.
It does not work with some Xiaomi Redmi either. If someone has a Xiaomi phone and finds that the app works with the stock rom, please also tell me.
It is not because of the code in the app, but the rom those phones have…

v0.4 and v0.5 have not been optimized for Lollipop.
From v0.5.1 and up it is optimized for Lollipop.
In v0.6 the signature and the package name have changed (among other stuff) which means you’ll have to configure it again, as it won’t install on the previous version but in parallel. I’m sorry about this. The apk is also larger, because of the icons and all the changes in the project structure; it’ll improve in next versions, I hope.
0.6.2 uses more ram than it should, and there are a few other issues.

If you go to the home launcher and then launch an app, it won’t be launched until about 5 seconds after going home. It’s how Google wants it to be, and I’ll try a workaround in the future but I’m not sure if it’ll work. Nevertheless, the point of this app is not needing to go to the home launcher

This app is currently in beta. All your feedback will be more than welcome.
And you can also suggest new features…
If the app crashes it asks you to send me an email, with the Logs. You can see what is being send, so don’t worry about your privacy, it is safe!

Now I have to fix some bugs, add a bit of functionality, and clean up the code. Whenever this is done (in a few weeks, I hope) the app will be open source.

I am also working on bringing material design to the app.
Nevertheless the priority is bug-fixing and functionality.

Download SwiftOpen – Fast Launcher BETA [v0.9.1.3] for Android

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