Last Day on Earth: Survival Apk v1.6.9 Premium Info:

Check out the download links of Last Day on Earth: Survival Apk v1.6.9 below, provided by

How to install ?

  1. Download Last Day on Earth: Survival Apk v1.6.9 from the Links below.
  2. Go to settings and “tick” allow downloading from unknown sources.
  3. Install it and open.
  4. Done!
  5. Enjoy your new app.
Published:November 25, 2017
Downloaded:10,000,000 – 50,000,000
Android Version:4.1 and up
Content Rating:Teen




Last Day on Earth: Survival Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Resources Mod (Signed for Non-Rooted Phone)

Name: Last Day On Earth: Survival
Version: 1.6.8
Root: No Need

Mod Contents:
1.) Unlimited Gold Coins
2.) Free Craft and Build Materials
3.) Unlimited Craft Points
4.) Max Durability
5.) Magic Split (duplicate items, even without quantity)
6.) Increase Hunger Supply
You can obtain the amount of coins of the items you purchase.




You can paste your save under the original apk (Android/Data/zombie.survival.craft.z) and connect it to a plain Google account to keep the coins and progress.[​IMG][​IMG]

Do not equip and craft the following items as it is still not released in the game yet although you can craft it:
70lv: Kevlar Outfit and S&W Magnum
82lv: Assault Outfi
88lv: The Dragunov
Some other items such as Clan Banner, Radio Tower, Turret and C-4 are craftable but it will cause white building screen because they are still not out in the game yet. 
Equipping the above items might lead to crashing of save.
*See below thread for the items you ought to avoid crafting.
Detail List of DO&DON'T CRAFT ITEMS #658

Installation Steps:
1. Download
2. (Important) Back up your save folder from current apk - Android/Data/zombie.survival.craft.z/file
3. Uninstall previous version, MUST!
4. Install Mod and launch it to test the functions, MUST!
5. Paste the back-up save folder to Android/Data/
6. Install or ignore (tap the top right corner) the Chinese commercial that pops out before launching the game (No virus).
7. Enjoy! Please leave a comment if you find it work so that I'll keep updating it.

Credit to KingAtlantis
Inform me beforehand if you wanna share it on other forums. No reposting on AndriodRepublic.

Mod Download Link: (15Nov Updated)
MediaFire Download
GoogleDrive Download
SendSpace Download

(Optional) Save folders share:

99lv save with 999999 HP, heap of coins.
99lv Max HP (2.44MB) -

91lv save with loads of coins, items, every craft learned (121.29KB) -

Save with a painted chopper and coins.
Motorbike (188.48KB) -

Save with a nice house with coins.
Nice Base Save with (2.44MB) -

Save Preview:

P.S. 1 Step By Step Guide – how to back up your save.
1. Use File Explorer to browse your phone SD card or storage. (Could be done on your phone or with a computer)
2. Navigate to Android/Data/zombie.survival.craft.z. or (Depends on the version of your mod)
3. Copy the “File” folder and paste it to somewhere safe.
4. Uninstall the current game and install the new mod.
5. Launch the game once to let it create its root file as well as testing the Mod functions.
6. Paste the earlier backed up “File” folder after deleting the already exisiting “File” folder.
7. Load the game and do not let Google Play restore your previous save. You can also attach to a plain google account to back up your save to Google Play.
8. Done, and always remember to back up your save folder regularly as this game is still in beta and you might easily crush your save by crafting some unreleased items.
9. This save back-up method works in any LDOE mods and the original game.

P.S. 2 For those who play on Android Emulators,
Open the apk with 7zip and delete the x86 folder inside Libs folder before installing it. But please remember to launch the game once before pasting your save folder. Feasibility depends on the model of your emulator.

I have been updating this mod for almost half year and it is simply my hobby because I like coding and modding. It is also non-profitable, as well as I always upload it to No-Ads storage sites. I hope you all understand that I am not obligated to update the mod while some of you inbox me and urge or reproach me for not updating it soon enough. I hope you could be patient and polite and thank you for your support. Enjoy the mod. :)

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