Free Download Desktop Launcher for Windows 10 Users 1.0.187 APK for Android

Download Free Download Desktop Launcher for Windows 10 Users 1.0.187 APK for Android directly from our servers. All apps are original and clean.

Free Download Desktop Launcher for Windows 10 Users 1.0.187 APK for Android requires Android 5.0+ & with 500,000+ total installs.

All apps are guaranteed clean & original from playstore. All credits goes to the original developer of this app.

ZINQS R&D team brings you the familiar and the loved desktop experience for windows users. In this app, you will get all the loved features like the start menu, action center, search and other great things. This launcher App will provide rich experience optimized for Tablets. We have taken care of Phones as well. But we encourage users to try this in tablets and chrome books. We will continuously add more features to this application and bring as close to familiar user experience. We have brought in most of the features into this App in this version. We are committed to improving more. Please report any issues to us and provide us feedback.

Our App has the following Windows 10 features implemented

• Full Desktop Mode Experience
• Full Tablet Mode Experience
• Programs and Start Menu experience
• Tasks bar docked either bottom or top
• Start menu Tiles
• Change the Theme color just like windows 10
• Action center and all the buttons you like to get fast
• WIFI- connection interface familiar to windows 10 users
• Pin Apps to task bar
• Condensed options for Phones for ease of use
• Support for Phones, Tablets, Chromebooks and TV.
• Lot of system apps commonly used which can be multi tasked
• View management and window management. Custom layouts to organize the windows
• Multiple login support. Create logins for your other members of family.

The following are the editions available to choose with

• Basic Edition – In this edition, all the basic features are available. The normal usage can be accomplished with this edition. You also have access to basic system apps like file explorer, browser, video player, music player

• Premium Edition – In this edition, you can sign in to the which can be school, work or personal account to get access to recent documents, OneDrive etc. You also have access to premium apps like App Lock, Hiding apps

• Ultimate Edition – In this edition, you get the window management and view management. You can define how your windows can show in the desktop. The windows can be organized in a customized layout. You also have ultimate apps like clipboard manager and sticky notes.

• Family Edition – In this edition, you can create multiple accounts and manage them separately. The Administrator account is the default account and can give controls to child accounts. This edition is perfect for families with kids.
Made stability fixes

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