Download Weed Boss – Run A Ganja Farm & Be Firm Tycoon Inc 2.10.2 APK MOD [VIP] Free In-App

DOWNLOAD Download Weed Boss – Run A Ganja Farm & Be Firm Tycoon Inc 2.10.2 APK MOD [VIP] Free In-App APK MOD. You can download the original & modded VIP version. The game will grant you free In-App Purchase.

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Selling weed isn’t difficult, but dealing successfully is. “Weed Boss – Run A Ganja Firm And Become The Farm Tycoon” is the best weed dealing game where you start from growing weed in your basement weed firm to making billions and run a successful empire. You face all problems that a successful bud farm shop dealer goes through in creating the next best pot business tycoon firm inc empire game

How to play the game – Keep swiping, swiping and swiping and make it rain until you have enough weed to multiply then grow and keep multiplying. Your goal in this best 420 game is to become a Weed Boss Tycoon! This is the bestest 420 weed shop game on the playstore!

– Buying different labs on the maps to grow different weed strains of pot bud and hemp
– Recruiting gangs around on the world maps to help distribution of best kush, hemp, buds and pot
– Growing reputation to deal hemps, weed, bud, pot, kush in bulks
– From making $10’s to thousands to millions to billions to KB’s to MB’s to BB’s to kBB’s. even MBB or BBB.
– Prestige option for you to make more weed buds and more money so you can make it rain and run the empire on the maps
– Auto Swipe Forever option, where you can have the swiper make it rain for you so you can run the pot farm business easily
– offline production, where the weed bud farm production runs in the background game
– Instructions / Tutorials
– Leaderboards to help you see who runs the kush empire well

3 , 2 , 1!
Act quick download the bestest weed game on the store / shop and become the next famous Weed Boss! …. be the first to swipe 1, 2 even 3 BILLION Weed! and Run the Weed Empire!

New Updates and fixes coming soon, stay tuned!

We would appreciate it if you would send us your feedback and suggestions to help us improve the game and make it even more fun! Follow us on Facebook!!
– bug fixes and game improvements

Download Mirrors MOD INFO:
  • You can purchase unlimited in game items that will boost your currency and game-play.


  • Download the ORIGINAL GAME

  • DOWNLOAD THE PATCHER V1.8 [VIP] & Follow the instructions.
Download The Patcher V1.8 for Android





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