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cheating spouse : how to catch a cheater ?:

if you are looking how to catch a cheater then this app is the best cheating spouse catching guide that let you discover the most common facts about cheating spouse as infidelity is one of life’s most stressful events and discovering that a spouse has cheated, or even entertaining the suspicion that a partner might be cheating is a devastating experience for every couple in this digital world.

Infidelity is one of the most common problems in married life and committed relationships.

How can I tell if my husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, is likely to cheat?
well, it is not that easy to know.But there are some signs that indicates that your relationship is in risk.

Our app provides lot of practical tips on how to catch a cheating spouse, tips that include both pros and cons of using technology to investigate a cheater.

Our Next Update will provide a cheating spouse quizz for both men and women, this way you can also know differences between men and women when it comes to cheating.

Sadly, the advent of email, text messaging, and social networking has compounded the problem because illicit affairs can be fostered with the help of electronic communication. There are now even more ways that a person can initiate and sustain contact with a third wheel.

Discover More Inside The App

✔ Is my spouse cheating on me ?
✔ Is my relationship worth saving
✔ How to deal with a cheating husband ?
✔ What are the benefits of hiring a private investigator
✔ How to Catch cheating husband ?
✔ How to Catch a Cheating Wife ?

Why is it so difficult to catch a cheating husband or wife? Considering that cheaters are skilled at lying and covering their betrayal tracks.

Surprising Facts About Infidelity and marriage :
Discover things you never knew about why men cheat that could save your marriage

✔ Do men cheat with women they know ?
✔ Do men cheat to save their marriages ?
✔ Women cheat just as much as men, and their affairs are more dangerous.
✔ A couple will never work it out when the husband is in the midst of an affair.
✔ Affairs can often fix a marriage
✔ Did you know that there are different types of infidelity ?
✔ Infidelity doesn’t necessarily signal an unhappy relationship
✔ cheating spouse and text readers which relationship ?

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cheating spouse v 1.5:
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cheating spouse v 1.3:
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✔ fixed internal bugs

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